Time and Money Mindset

If time and money were abundant, who would you be helping? What would you be creating? What would you be doing?

What feelings would you be getting from these amazing things?

I bet it wouldn’t be stress or overwhelm, would it?

Stress and overwhelm almost always come from our mindset around time and money. We think that both of these things are scarce and that lack generates the stress response. It’s very hard to help others and create new things from a place of stress.

What’s stopping you from thinking that time and money are abundant?

You might be thinking, but Holly, it is true that time and money are scarce.

Yes, you could choose to believe that and get the same results you are getting now.


You could choose to believe that time and money are abundant for you and get a different result.

You get to decide. Just because your brain is telling you something does not mean it is true. It means that it was something you learned…probably when you were young.

It’s possible to reprogram your mindset to get a different result. 

Start by journaling your thoughts around time and money for a week and then go back and read what you wrote. Look for patterns. Keep an eye out for the word “enough”. Watch for beliefs like “time equals money” and “I have to work hard to be a success”. All of these are clues to what you were taught as a child that might be causing stress and overwhelm for you now.

Get really curious about these patterns. Think about your childhood and what you were told or what you were shown by example. Were your parents stressed about time, money, or work? You will be amazed at how many of your beliefs you “inherited”.

Once you find a pattern, ask yourself if it is a belief that is serving you. Are you getting the results you want or is this belief holding you back? If it’s holding you back, decide that you will get to work on reprogramming it and get going. 

Repetition is the key to reprogramming your beliefs. Write your new belief down and practice it all the time. 

If you are ready to calm down so you can help the people you want to help and create the amazing things you were put here to create, I can help you reprogram your stories around time and money. Work can be fun, easy and fulfilling. Schedule your Discovery Call now and let’s get to work finding your limiting beliefs and doing something about them.

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