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Holly Lewis

Leadership Coach for Overachievers

You’ve been an amazing success in your career. You’ve worked the hours and been focused and committed to your goals. Then one day you look up and realize that you have completely ignored the rest of your life. You’re maybe having emotional or physical health and stress issues or maybe you’re no longer as connected with your loved ones or family.

What in the hell happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. You got addicted to work and you forgot to be intentional about the other important areas of your life.  

You let work take over a huge part of your time because it made you feel so accomplished. That sense of accomplishment was feeding the dopamine hits you were getting on a daily basis and the story that we are taught that achievement is everything.

Now you don’t know how to put it back together. 

I’ve lived this life my friend. My gift of being able to ultra focus on my goals served me well in my career, but it did nothing for my well being.  I ignored my health until I woke up with chest pains. I was distracted when I was with my family and friends. I thought about work every waking hour of my day. 

I kept trying to fix it myself but I was getting nowhere. I finally decided to get help and over the course of a year learned various tools from various coaches that I have used to get to a place of balance and calm in my life.

I can help you get there too. We’ll dive into how you think about self care, time, achievement, relationships and stress. I’ll teach you how to process the anxiety that you are covering up with overworking or other forms of overdesire. 

You’ll end up in a place with 80% less stress, a balanced, intentional life and the tools you need to manage your brain and nervous system for the rest of your life. I guarantee it.

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