Self Confidence

Self Confidence. It is the cornerstone to success and fulfillment. It’s the feeling that no matter what, you can figure it out. That you have your own back even though you have no evidence that you can do whatever it is that you are doing. It comes from within without regard for what other people think. It is the complete opposite of self doubt.

Self Doubt looks like:

🟩 Stress and Overwhelm

🟩 Procrastination

🟩 Inefficient Management of Time

🟩 Inefficient Decision Making

🟩 Perfectionistic Thinking

🟩 People Pleasing

🟩 Judging Self and Others

🟩 Worrying

🟩 Compare and Despair

You are born with self confidence. Otherwise, you would never have learned to walk, ride a bike, or drive. 

However, I think it is also true that self confidence can wane when we believe thoughts that cause us to doubt our abilities. Self confidence is something that has to be practiced in order for us to keep it.

There is only one way to improve your self confidence. You must choose to unbelieve any story that you have about yourself that leads to self doubt.

You do that by journaling when you are feeling doubt. Write down what you are thinking. I recommend that you do this every day for a week and then look back to see if you can find a sentence that is a pattern. Take that sentence and really start digging into why your brain thinks that is true. What could you believe instead? Write that thought down all over the place and practice believing it.  Repetition makes the new sentence a new belief.

Listen, if you already know that self confidence is holding you back from the career you want but you are confused about what to do about it, we need to talk. I can set you up with a plan to bolster your self confidence so that you can be the rockstar you want to be at work. Schedule now to start the conversation.

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