Thought Habits

Our repeated experiences in our lives become our beliefs. Like a computer, our brain programs in these beliefs based on repetition. I like to call these thought habits. The brain does not care whether or not the belief is true. 

Your brain only cares that the thought has been repeated; not if it is true.

Some of your beliefs are holding you back. You think that they are true. Most likely they are not. 

It’s not common practice to question these beliefs because we are never taught to question our own brain.

What are some of the stories that you learned to think about yourself that may not be true?

Here’s a four step process to discover your limiting beliefs and do something about them:

  1. Think about something that you would desperately like to change about your life. Write down all the reasons you don’t have it or can’t do it.
  2. Pick the reason you think is the biggest factor and ask yourself how is it possible that this might not be true? Write down all the reasons why it might not be true.
  3. Visualize yourself as having the goal. What would you believe if you already have the result? Write it down.
  4. Practice that new belief. Write it down all over the place. Put reminders on your phone or wherever else you will see it multiple times a day. Catch yourself thinking the old belief and redirect yourself to think the new belief.

You’re going to need to practice this new belief for as long as it takes to create a new neural pathway in your brain.  You will know when you start believing the new belief because you will get the result you were after.

I have completely changed my life using this process. I was able to find some deep seated beliefs that caused me to overwork, believe I couldn’t stop smoking, and believe that I couldn’t be thin. 

You can achieve any result you want. You just have to find the beliefs that are standing in your way and reprogram them.

If you are struggling to get the results you want from your tech career, we should talk. I can help you discover the thought habits that are holding you back and guide you through the process to reprogram them. If you can think it up, you were meant to do it! Schedule a call now.

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