3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm

Overwhelm is something that is more and more common these days. I don’t recall feeling overwhelmed until about 15 years ago or so. I believe it’s more common because the problems and decisions we have are more complicated in that there are so many more options.  I coach many people dealing with overwhelm. I believeContinue reading “3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm”

Time Anxiety

How many times last week did you say “I don’t have enough time”? What fun and joy did you miss out on because this was your automatic response? If you are like I was, you may be saying this multiple times a day without even realizing it.  You believe that you are super busy andContinue reading “Time Anxiety”

Thought Habits

Our repeated experiences in our lives become our beliefs. Like a computer, our brain programs in these beliefs based on repetition. I like to call these thought habits. The brain does not care whether or not the belief is true.  Your brain only cares that the thought has been repeated; not if it is true.Continue reading “Thought Habits”

Time and Money Mindset

If time and money were abundant, who would you be helping? What would you be creating? What would you be doing? What feelings would you be getting from these amazing things? I bet it wouldn’t be stress or overwhelm, would it? Stress and overwhelm almost always come from our mindset around time and money. WeContinue reading “Time and Money Mindset”

Idleness is Laziness and Laziness is a Sin

When you take a break or a vacation, do you have a little voice in your head that is telling you that you should be doing something productive? I sure do and that voice is always the voice of my dad. You see, my dad was the epitome of a hard worker. He was basicallyContinue reading “Idleness is Laziness and Laziness is a Sin”

Focus is the Hocus Pocus

Focus is the hocus pocus with respect to changing how you manage your allocation of time each day. When you can focus and accomplish exactly what you planned, in the time that you allocated, you can eliminate the creation of time debt. Time debt is just like money debt, you have to pay it backContinue reading “Focus is the Hocus Pocus”

Better Sleep is a Habit

Not getting enough sleep is both a cause and an effect of chronic stress. Sleeping resets our system and it’s also when we learn. Not getting enough sleep leads to all kinds of health and productivity issues which in turn lead to more stress. Being under constant stress leads to an energizing cocktail in ourContinue reading “Better Sleep is a Habit”

The Stress Pareto

I’m sure you are familiar with the 80-20 rule, but have you ever thought of it in the context of how stressed you are feeling? It’s an interesting exercise and here are my thoughts on the subject. I would love to hear yours too! The 80-20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, states that 80% ofContinue reading “The Stress Pareto”

The Value of Challenging Relationships

Relationships with others are a big source of thoughts that lead to stress in our lives. There are usually people in our lives that we don’t like all that much and being around them may generate thoughts inside us that lead to stress. We have a set of expectations of how people should act andContinue reading “The Value of Challenging Relationships”

Strategy’s Evil Twin, Rumination

I’ve been noticing lately the correlation between having a gift for strategic thinking and being prone to anxiety/overwhelm.  It’s made me really curious.  Here’s my hypothesis. When you have a gift for strategic thinking, you are processing what if scenarios, alternate paths, and possible outcomes naturally to come up with the best path forward. It’sContinue reading “Strategy’s Evil Twin, Rumination”