Do you Enjoy your Work?

Do you enjoy what you do for work most of the time? I find the word enjoy really interesting. It means to either make joy or receive joy. Are you making or receiving joy from your work?

If not, why not?

Here are a few reasons my clients give for why they don’t enjoy their work:

  1. My boss is an asshole
  2. I don’t like and/or trust my coworkers
  3. My company overworks and undervalues me
  4. My work takes more time to complete than the time I am allocated to work (ie. 40 hours)
  5. I’m not learning anything new
  6. I don’t have the right tools or support I need to be successful
  7. No one listens to me
  8. I don’t like the politics
  9. I’m not utilizing my strengths to their full capability
  10. I’m not advancing in my career

All of these are thoughts. Our thoughts drive our feelings. What feeling comes up for you when you read these reasons? For me, it was dislike or resentment. 

What’s the opposite of enjoy? Dislike or resent. Interesting, eh?

Here’s the thing that is sometimes challenging to understand, these thoughts are optional. You can choose to think whatever you want. Your brain may be telling you that these things are true. That’s because these thoughts and feelings are habits so you think they are true. Habits are neither true nor false; right or wrong. They just have been repeated.

Our brains go to work to find the evidence to support what you think. 

What could you be thinking that would lead to a feeling of enjoyment at work?

  1. I’m curious about how I can get to know my boss/coworkers better
  2. I’m in control of my schedule and have plenty of time to accomplish what I want
  3. I am valuable
  4. I learn new things every day
  5. I have everything I need to be successful
  6. I communicate clearly and succinctly and constantly look for ways to improve my communication
  7. I enjoy meeting new people and networking with them to accomplish a goal
  8. I use my strengths every day and do what I can to improve upon them
  9. I’m learning new things that will be an asset when I’m ready for my next career move
  10. I’m excited to see how I can help my internal and external clients today

Enjoying your work is a result of carefully choosing your thoughts my friends. Give it a try. Think a new thought about work and see what happens! You spend 1/3 of your life working…why not enjoy it?

PS: If you want to learn how to manage your time better to stop overworking, go get my free course, Stop Overworking in 31 Days

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