Molting Your Way to Calm

Did you know that we have tens of thousands of habits that are on autopilot? These run the gambit from habitual thought patterns that we always think to habitual routines that we always do. The sum of all of these is called our self concept. Our belief of who we are…right now. In order toContinue reading “Molting Your Way to Calm”

Are you Certain?

This week I’ve been learning about certainty and how our brain craves it because it wants to keep us safe. Funny thing is, the only certainty we can have in life is how we are going to think or react in any given situation. There is no certainty outside of ourselves…except for this very momentContinue reading “Are you Certain?”

Future You

Have you sat down and really thought about where you want to be a year from now; 5 years from now; 20 years from now? If not, why not? This is a brilliant exercise that can help you figure out what you need to be practicing now in order to get there. Let’s say forContinue reading “Future You”

Using Strong Feelings as an Awareness Tool

When was the last time you experienced a really intense feeling? Maybe you were angry, maybe you were overwhelmed or maybe you were bursting with pride. The amazing thing about feelings is that they are the product of our thinking and they drive our actions. Our actions in turn produce our results.  If you’re notContinue reading “Using Strong Feelings as an Awareness Tool”

Strive for Uncomfortable

Have you ever tried to purposely create the feeling of uncomfortable? Are you thinking that I may have lost it? Hang in there with me and see where I am going with this. To grow, there must be discomfort. In nature, when things grow, there is a breaking through that happens that I presume isContinue reading “Strive for Uncomfortable”

The Process for Living an Intentional Life

What does it mean to live with intention? I suspect that the answer is different for all of us. For me, it means living my life on purpose, choosing to plan what I’m going to accomplish every single day and holding myself accountable to following my plan.  In the past, I had tried to startContinue reading “The Process for Living an Intentional Life”

Flowers for Edith

I’m in the third week of my Life Coach Certification class and I’m learning so much from my classmates and my instructor. It’s exciting to know that I can help myself and so many others to discover that thoughts are actually driving results. On one hand, I’ve been feeling curious and excited about learning newContinue reading “Flowers for Edith”

Shame, you’re not Welcome Here

Another eye opening few days of introspection has occurred for me. I had a situation this weekend that led me to think that I wasn’t good enough when I was being critiqued in a group setting and it immediately led me to shame. My face turned beet red, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t focus andContinue reading “Shame, you’re not Welcome Here”