Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

Why do we think that other people are so much more talented than we are, smarter than we are, or luckier than we are? Why are we so afraid to just be our own authentic, unique self? It’s our brains, of course. Thousands of years ago it was a very bad thing not to beContinue reading “Quit Comparing Yourself to Others”

Other People’s Opinions (OPO’s)

How do you handle other people’s opinions of your worth? Do you immediately think they are right and that there is something wrong with you? Do you think that they know more than you do? What’s your standard response? I’m here to tell you that 95% of the time, OPOs are irrelevant and that youContinue reading “Other People’s Opinions (OPO’s)”

Saying “No” to Reduce Stress

Do you find yourself not being able to say no at work? Do you attend every meeting at the expense of your own deadlines and goals? Do you have to work at night and on the weekends to get your own projects done? Not being able to say no leads to stress and burnout. WeContinue reading “Saying “No” to Reduce Stress”

Self-limiting Beliefs Cause Stress

Self-limiting beliefs cause unnecessary stress and lead us to think that we are powerless to change our lives.  We all have these. We believe something that we were shown or told as a kid or that we heard through the media and we just believe it.  Some common self-limiting beliefs are: I don’t have enoughContinue reading “Self-limiting Beliefs Cause Stress”

Not Asking for Help Leads to Stress

Not asking for help is a surefire way to feel additional stress. There is definitely some drama in this area of which you may not be aware. Here are the top three reasons we don’t ask for help. Fear of judgement. You think that people will think that you are inadequate or below them somehowContinue reading “Not Asking for Help Leads to Stress”

The Importance of Goals in Managing Stress and Anxiety

All humans are goal-oriented. It’s how we are wired.  Not having a goal or having too many goals is a recipe for increased mental stress and anxiety in my opinion. Lack of a goal leads to the lazy river approach to life which can make us feel that we are powerless in what happens toContinue reading “The Importance of Goals in Managing Stress and Anxiety”