The Importance of Goals in Managing Stress and Anxiety

All humans are goal-oriented. It’s how we are wired.  Not having a goal or having too many goals is a recipe for increased mental stress and anxiety in my opinion. Lack of a goal leads to the lazy river approach to life which can make us feel that we are powerless in what happens toContinue reading “The Importance of Goals in Managing Stress and Anxiety”

Susceptibility to Stress

Why are some people more susceptible to stress than others?  I’m going to focus on stress and burnout this month and really dive into the factors on which I believe we need to focus in order to be more resilient. Stress is a somewhat catch all term these days, but for my purposes we willContinue reading “Susceptibility to Stress”

Self-care Before Service

I think it’s safe to say that most of us that either grew up in a veteran-based family or who actually joined the service were taught to have a heart for service. I know I was taught as a child to be of service by the examples of my veteran father and nurse mother. IContinue reading “Self-care Before Service”