Obstacles are the Path to Goal Getting

I heard the Zen Proverb “Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path” on my daily guided meditation today. A light bulb totally went on for me as to why I’m a Master Goal Getter. Writing down the obstacles and coming up with a game plan of how to get around them isContinue reading “Obstacles are the Path to Goal Getting”

Breaking the Habit of Rumination

Rumination is the endless spin cycle of rehashing a situation hoping to gain insight. My friends, this insight never comes. Rumination is a trigger for anxiety and overwhelm and does not serve us in any way. You might call rumination, worry, but it’s the same thing. Did you know that rumination is a habit? WeContinue reading “Breaking the Habit of Rumination”

Practicing Self-Compassion

I’ve had a challenging few months in helping my mom through her illness. In challenging times, I’m convinced we learn the most about ourselves. My sense of compassion for my mom is very high. As she is dealing with a disease that won’t get better and will eventually take her, I find myself thinking thatContinue reading “Practicing Self-Compassion”

Tools for Cultivating Personal Awareness

Our brains are an amazing piece of anatomy. More powerful than any computer, it’s one big prediction engine that makes processes habitual to conserve energy. This is great, except when it isn’t. It’s not so great if you are trying to get a different result in your life. In a habitual process, thoughts turn intoContinue reading “Tools for Cultivating Personal Awareness”