Not Asking for Help Leads to Stress

Not asking for help is a surefire way to feel additional stress. There is definitely some drama in this area of which you may not be aware. Here are the top three reasons we don’t ask for help. Fear of judgement. You think that people will think that you are inadequate or below them somehowContinue reading “Not Asking for Help Leads to Stress”

Susceptibility to Stress

Why are some people more susceptible to stress than others?  I’m going to focus on stress and burnout this month and really dive into the factors on which I believe we need to focus in order to be more resilient. Stress is a somewhat catch all term these days, but for my purposes we willContinue reading “Susceptibility to Stress”

Self-care Before Service

I think it’s safe to say that most of us that either grew up in a veteran-based family or who actually joined the service were taught to have a heart for service. I know I was taught as a child to be of service by the examples of my veteran father and nurse mother. IContinue reading “Self-care Before Service”

Quality Compelling Reasons

Let’s talk about the C in the CAM method of Goal Setting that I have previously discussed. Why is it important to know the compelling reasons why you want to achieve a certain result? For one thing, they will help you to keep going when the going gets hard. Writing them down and displaying themContinue reading “Quality Compelling Reasons”

On Purpose, with a Purpose

Are you floating through life hoping for the best? I can honestly say that I was doing that for the past 5 years or so. I had some work goals that I was managing intentionally, but personally, not so much. Last fall, I decided I needed to do something different. I wanted to lose weightContinue reading “On Purpose, with a Purpose”

Embracing your Unique Creativity

Did you know that all humans are creative? “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected” as stated by William Plomer is the definition of creativity that makes the most sense to me . The brain is hardwired to make predictions based on experiences and patterns. It doesn’t care if the prediction is correctContinue reading “Embracing your Unique Creativity”

Hope is a Strategy

You’ve probably heard people say that hope is not a strategy. I’ve actually said this myself. I think what we actually meant to say is that wishing is not a strategy. The definition of hope according to a quick search is “expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. This definition implies an actionContinue reading “Hope is a Strategy”

Breaking the Habit of Rumination

Rumination is the endless spin cycle of rehashing a situation hoping to gain insight. My friends, this insight never comes. Rumination is a trigger for anxiety and overwhelm and does not serve us in any way. You might call rumination, worry, but it’s the same thing. Did you know that rumination is a habit? WeContinue reading “Breaking the Habit of Rumination”

Practicing Self-Compassion

I’ve had a challenging few months in helping my mom through her illness. In challenging times, I’m convinced we learn the most about ourselves. My sense of compassion for my mom is very high. As she is dealing with a disease that won’t get better and will eventually take her, I find myself thinking thatContinue reading “Practicing Self-Compassion”

Tools for Cultivating Personal Awareness

Our brains are an amazing piece of anatomy. More powerful than any computer, it’s one big prediction engine that makes processes habitual to conserve energy. This is great, except when it isn’t. It’s not so great if you are trying to get a different result in your life. In a habitual process, thoughts turn intoContinue reading “Tools for Cultivating Personal Awareness”