3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm

Overwhelm is something that is more and more common these days. I don’t recall feeling overwhelmed until about 15 years ago or so. I believe it’s more common because the problems and decisions we have are more complicated in that there are so many more options.  I coach many people dealing with overwhelm. I believeContinue reading “3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm”

Using your To Do List as an Awareness Tool

Do you have a to do list? What feeling comes up for you when you look at it?  If you’ve never done this exercise, I highly encourage you to do so. Write down what you are feeling and describe it. This is such valuable information and can really help you figure out what you areContinue reading “Using your To Do List as an Awareness Tool”

Stop Chasing Work Life Balance

What is work life balance? You hear this term thrown around like the holy grail of all things work-related. Is it really possible to have an even, balanced, scale-like version of balance? My answer is no. First of all, I think the word balance is a misnomer in this context. It implies that work andContinue reading “Stop Chasing Work Life Balance”

Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

Why do we think that other people are so much more talented than we are, smarter than we are, or luckier than we are? Why are we so afraid to just be our own authentic, unique self? It’s our brains, of course. Thousands of years ago it was a very bad thing not to beContinue reading “Quit Comparing Yourself to Others”

Saying “No” to Reduce Stress

Do you find yourself not being able to say no at work? Do you attend every meeting at the expense of your own deadlines and goals? Do you have to work at night and on the weekends to get your own projects done? Not being able to say no leads to stress and burnout. WeContinue reading “Saying “No” to Reduce Stress”