The Importance of Questioning your Thoughts

The last few days have been a challenge for me. I’ve been helping to deal with my mom’s health concerns. My thoughts have been swirling and going to places that are driving some not so helpful emotions. I’m fairly sure that there are some healthcare professionals who hope they never have to deal with meContinue reading “The Importance of Questioning your Thoughts”

Peeling Back the Layers

My coach, Corinne Crabtree (, uses the Self Coaching Model by Brooke Castillo ( This overarching model has truly helped me peel back all the layers of buffering in which I was engaged. I smoked to buffer feelings of anxiety and stress. I ate to numb the feelings of shame that my nasty internal conversationsContinue reading “Peeling Back the Layers”

Perfectionism vs. Achieving

How does one learn to become a perfectionist and overachiever? In my case, I learned in my childhood that being perfect was a way to stay safe and to avoid being criticized. That mode of thinking was further solidified by my six year career in the United States Navy. I’m pretty sure that most ofContinue reading “Perfectionism vs. Achieving”

Recovery from Perfectionism

Hi! My name is Holly Lewis and I wanted to share with you my journey of my ongoing recovery from perfectionism. Now you might be saying, “Holly, recovery? Really? Isn’t that a heavy term to be using in this context?”. I’m here to tell you that I truly have to consciously decide every single dayContinue reading “Recovery from Perfectionism”