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Holly Lewis

Coach for Type A Professionals

Recovering Chronic Stresser and Overworker

I’ve spent the last 23 years building and enhancing software programs and services for major healthcare companies. When I figured out that our brains work exactly like software programs, my mind was blown! It’s totally possible to work with your default programming and get the results you want in your life and I can show you how. You can eliminate chronic stress and regain your balance while freeing up 5-10 hours per week.

I totally get the pressure you are under to meet your deadlines at work. I also know that if you are like me, your inner critic is never satisfied and is just adding fuel to the fire. It’s telling you that just one more achievement will be the thing you need to be worthy. It’s just not true. You are worthy no matter what.

I am an expert in eliminating chronic stress and freeing up time. I can absolutely help you.

I offer a free, confidential session that will:

  • Identify one thing that is standing between you and feeling calm
  • Explore one free tool to help you feel calm
  • Learn how you can continue to work with me

I would be honored to help you. Give me 45 minutes and I’ll give you some calm.

I offer three, free sessions per week. Schedule now to reserve your spot.

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