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Holly Lewis

Stress Coach for Overachievers

I see you. 

Stressed to the hilt. Overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate. No clue how to get it all done. Worried that you are ruining your relationship with your partner, kids or friends because all you do is work or worry about work.

Worried because you are starting to have health issues…auto immune responses, twinges in your chest, migraines, unexplained fevers. 

Worried because you are numbing the stress with alcohol, food, shopping, netflixing or other ways which are causing even more problems.

Worried because you can’t sleep because your brain just spins and spins trying to figure out how to solve for it all.

Disengaged from your work and thinking you don’t care anymore.

Full of resentment and believing that no one appreciates you.

Totally exhausted and yearning for a long vacation.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve spent the last 25 years building and enhancing software programs and services for major healthcare companies living the overachiever life. I’ve burned myself out multiple times with my constant need to achieve. I honestly thought that something was wrong with me until I figured out that I had several default programs that caused me to work this way. I learned how to reprogram them and changed my life forever. I can help you do this too.

I have found that high achievers generally have some default beliefs in the areas of Time, Relationships, Achievement, Perfection and People Pleasing (TRAPP) that lead to overwhelm, stress and burn out. These beliefs can be reprogrammed to give you a calm, balanced and fulfilling life.

On our weekly Zoom calls, I can help you find these Burnout TRAPPs, become aware of when you are thinking them and teach you a simple process to reprogram them.

I would be honored to help you. I offer a free Discovery Call to hear your details and talk about whether my 6 month 1:1 program is right for you.

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