Are you on the Apathy Train at Work?

On a scale of 1-10, what’s your engagement at work?

I know that you are normally a determined and tenacious overachiever, but have you found yourself riding the apathy train lately? Are you phoning it in?

I found myself on the apathy train more than a few times in my career. Almost every time it was because I didn’t feel valued at work.

Are you feeling valued or are you feeling ignored or undervalued?

If you are feeling ignored or undervalued, you probably think that it’s because “no one listens to you” or “no one values my opinion”.

I want to point out that this is a very all or nothing way of looking at things.

Is it really true that NO ONE listens to you or values your opinion? I’d venture to say the answer is no. Write a list of all the people who do actually listen to you and respect your opinion. Show your brain that there are some people who do listen and respect you.

The other thing that I found in this situation is when I thought no one was listening to me, I made less and less of an effort to listen to other people. When that happened, they listened to me even less.

Make an effort to start listening to people. Ask how you can help them. Listen to what they say and help them in that way.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting off the apathy train and getting back to your normally determined self.

If you are a high achieving leader with a creative streak who is feeling burned out, pressured, and disengaged, I can help you. Let me teach you how to manage your nervous system and your mind to unleash your creativity and help you teach your team to do the same. I can help you all get off the apathy train and back to creating some epic, innovative results. Email me at to set up a call to discuss. Why spend one more minute riding the apathy train when there’s a station just ahead?

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