The Benefits of Managing Your Mind

I was really proud of myself yesterday. I was so self aware that I was able to redirect my thoughts in the moment to have a great result.

I’ve been having issues with my laptop the past couple of weeks.  The fan went bad.

Now normally, I would replace the fan myself, but in this laptop it’s all integrated into the motherboard. All of it. The fan, the processor, the memory and the hard drive. I decided to let the laptop company handle it since it’s still under warranty.

They sent out a tech to replace the motherboard.  He was an Army veteran so we had a lot to talk about. 

He got the motherboard in, but it wouldn’t load the operating system. He told me that his responsibility was to get the board in and that’s it. He had rules about how much time he got to do things. I was told I had to call the laptop company support again.

As you can imagine, my blood pressure was rising at this point. I kept reminding myself that this was a process problem. I hypothesized that the tech’s company valued time over quality and had set that expectation with their techs. He was just trying to follow the rules. I didn’t lose my shit and wished him a great rest of his day.

That was proud moment #1.

I then called the laptop company and got connected with a support rep. I wanted to yell. I wanted to tell them why their processes were broken. I wanted to file a complaint. But, I caught myself. I was irritated. I felt the irritation and asked myself if being irritated was going to get me the result of my laptop working. The answer was no. So I started reminding myself that the support rep didn’t make the processes. He was trying to help me. You catch more flies with honey…you get the drift.

This young man spent hours on the phone with me last night. He called me back exactly when he said he would and scheduled another appointment for today. I have no doubt he will call me back then. He even thanked me for being so nice.

This was proud moment #2.

It was driving me nuts that we couldn’t get it to work. The last thing that the support rep had me do was create a bootable version of Windows 10 on an external drive from one of my other computers.

Once that was done, I plugged it into the laptop to see if I could get it to boot. No dice. It wouldn’t boot from the USB device. Bring on the googles. I found an obscure article that said that this particular laptop only can translate USB-A or USB-B to USB-C on the right side port. Not the left. Sheesh. Really?

So I plugged it into the right side and voila, we had a boot and I was able to reinstall the OS. Tenacity wins the freaking day.

Now, I could have thought that I did their freaking job for them, but instead I chose to focus on the fact that I’m a badass who can fix her own PC.

That was proud moment #3.

I tell you this story, because it’s possible for you to learn how to do this too. You can become so aware of what you are thinking and feeling that you can choose to think something else to create a different result.  I can teach you how. 

If you are stuck, it’s because you are thinking something about your circumstances that is keeping you stuck. Let me help you calm down, get unstuck and get back to your normal badassery. I have four 1:1 spots open in my practice. Email me at and let’s talk about making one of them yours.

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