Why doesn’t XYZ Time Management work for me?

Would you agree that we are all unique? That no two people have had exactly the same experience in this world? You can see how this is logically true, right? Even your siblings who grew up in the same house as you did not have exactly the same experience as you.

Those experiences created neural pathways in your brain that are operating in the background of your life.

So if we are all unique, it makes sense that what works for someone else with respect to productivity might not work for me based on my background operating system, right?

For a long time, I shamed myself because I wasn’t doing it right. I was a productivity expert who couldn’t even follow a time management system consistently. Who was I to be teaching people about productivity?

Well, I figured that out.

What works for me is what is right. What works for you is what is right.

When people publish productivity or time management systems, it’s what worked for them. It’s not the only right way.

Curiosity and experimentation is the key to finding your ideal productivity and time management system. Take pieces of one and combine with pieces of others. There are no productivity or time police, my friends.

What works for me is lots of spaciousness in my schedule and my daily practice of the 3 things I will get done today. I’m at my peak energy between 2-4 in the afternoon so I bang out a lot of stuff then. I’m not a morning person so I’m really careful about setting any expectations for myself before 9 AM.  All of this has taken many many experiments and I continue to refine.

Don’t get so caught up in the rules and the “I’m not doing it right”. Find what works for you. Embrace it and stop beating yourself up. Life is too short.

If you are ready to ditch the hustle and pressure in your life, let’s talk. I help my clients unlearn their stories around time, relationships, achievement, perfection and people pleasing. You can be a totally different person six months from now.

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