Whipping Yourself to Achieve

I heard an analogy this week that stuck with me. It was that I’m a thoroughbred and my jockey is whipping me to perform.


The visual in my mind is crystal clear. Holly whipping herself to achieve no matter how sick or how tired she was….no matter how much her body was screaming for some compassion.

I did this for soooo long. 

Maybe you are too.

All the whipping and relentless inner criticism results in feeling pressured which in turn triggers a stress response.

For a long time I believed that “I better do it now because I won’t do it if I don’t”.

This was a lie. I’m a responsible person who is perfectly able to schedule getting things done. You are too.

I also believe that “I work better under pressure”.

This was also a lie. I’m able to be more creative and productive when I’m calm and grounded. You can too.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can unlearn these stories and learn to be calm, creative and joyous. Sign up now for a free session and let’s get to work.

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