Time Anxiety

How many times last week did you say “I don’t have enough time”? What fun and joy did you miss out on because this was your automatic response?

If you are like I was, you may be saying this multiple times a day without even realizing it. 

You believe that you are super busy and you don’t have time for anything else in your life. 

You believe that you have too much to do and not enough time to do it. 

You believe that you are so far behind and don’t have enough time to catch up.

These kinds of scarcity thoughts about time cause Time Anxiety. What happens when we feel anxious? We have a stress response.  Continually being in the stress response makes us ineffective with our time and causes the result of not having enough time.

It’s one big vicious cycle.

Get control of your mindset around time by writing down these two thoughts and practice saying them out loud multiple times a day. I like to practice when I do something I do throughout the day such as drink water.

⌛ I am in total control of my time

⌛ I have more than enough time to do everything I want to do

Commit to doing this for 30 days. I guarantee that you will have less Time Anxiety.

If you are struggling with time anxiety and just can’t see how to reduce it, I can help. It’s totally possible for you to reduce your time anxiety by 80%, still be productive and have plenty of time for fun and joy. I can help you see what you are believing that is causing the anxiety. Email me at mposwarm@gmail.com and let’s schedule a conversation to see if my program is right for you. Now is the time to let the JOY back in my friend!

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