Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Current research states that we make about 35,000 decisions per day. So it makes total sense that being efficient at making decisions would make us more efficient with our time usage, right?

Many of my clients tell me that they aren’t very good at making decisions. This definitely isn’t true or they would starve to death since 250 of the decisions we make every day is about food. 🙂

There’s usually only a problem making a decision when we have convinced ourselves that there is a “right” answer outside of ourselves and that it’s our job to find it.

This isn’t the goal. The goal is to make the right decision for you given the information that you have right now. If it turns out not to be the right decision down the road, you get to learn from it and make another decision.

Here’s a process I use when I find myself overthinking a decision.

  1. Define the decision. What are all the options? Write them down. Don’t allow your brain to tell you “I don’t know”. Take a stab at all the options.
  2. Write out all the reasons why you want to do/don’t want to do each choice and then consider the following:
    1. Which one moves you forward to who you want to be?
    2. Which one would you love to do?
    3. What’s the best and worst case scenario of each choice?
    4. If both are amazing choices and you can’t fail, which one would you pick?
    5. If failure is no biggie, which one would you pick?
    6. Ten years from now, what would your future self think is the best option?
    7. Would you do this again if you hadn’t done it before?
    8. Can you say yes to both?

Give yourself a deadline to decide and don’t second guess yourself. There’s no such thing as a wrong decision. There’s only the right decision for you given the information you have right now.

Agonizing over decisions, gathering more and more data, and second guessing are some of the biggest time thieves around. Think about all the things you could have done while you were spinning around trying to make a decision.

If you want to be more efficient with your time and you have tried all the traditional time management techniques, we should talk. I can teach you a no nonsense approach to managing your mind around time that has nothing to do with scheduling. You can free up more time per week than you can even imagine right now and still get everything you want to do, done. Book a discovery call now.

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