Work Hard

Growing up, one of the things that I heard repeatedly was that you have to work hard to be successful. Somehow or another my growing brain associated the following with that statement:

Working hard requires lots of time

Working hard requires sacrifice

Working hard is no fun

Working hard is stressful

Not working hard is laziness

Not working hard is unproductive

Looking back on my career, I can totally see where these beliefs drove me to overwork, sacrifice time with my children and my husband without a second thought, stay home from fun events to work, and totally ignore my well being and health. I spent so much of my career stressed and never realized that it could be any other way.

Can you relate?

What if working hard isn’t necessary to be a success? 

What if we could take the word “hard” out of it? How would it change the way you look at work?

The way we get programmed as children becomes our beliefs as adults. Some of those beliefs may not serve us any more. I know these beliefs didn’t serve me and would have killed me if I didn’t do something about them.

Pay attention to how many times a day that you hear the word “hard” and “work” in the same sentence.  You will be amazed.

Because you believe that work is hard, your brain will seek out all the evidence that it is true.

Life is too short to be stressed at work. I can show you how to reprogram your beliefs around work. If you are ready to calm down, create some balance while still achieving amazing results at work, we should talk. Schedule some time now.

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