Does something just feel off in your career? Are you thinking that there has to be something more? That you were put here to do great things and this just isn’t it?

Your alignment may be off.

The definition of alignment that I find most compelling when talking about our career is: “the proper adjustment of the components of an electronic circuit, machine, etc., for coordinated functioning”

I interpret “coordinated functioning” to be the most efficient and effective use of your energy.

So what are the components of “you” that must be considered in order to be in alignment when it comes to your career?

I propose that they are: Strengths, Passion, Values and Compassion.

  • Strengths. What are you good at? What natural talents do you have? Are you using them every single day?
  • Passion. What do you love to do? What lights you up and makes time stand still? What did you love to do as a kid that maybe you don’t do as an adult?
  • Values. What do you value? Do you live those values every day in your work? 
  • Compassion. Who do you want to serve? What groups of people do you have the most compassion for?

Spend some time with these questions and come up with your answers.  

Once you have your answers, ask yourself how you are either using what you identified or can use what you identified in your current career.

You might be surprised how much you are already in alignment in your career of choice. I find that most people are “led” to their ideal career without thinking about it much. The majority of my clients end up just needing some tweaking to ensure that they are in complete alignment.

If you aren’t in alignment, what’s one thing you can do to get into better alignment? Can you start exploring career changes or volunteer opportunities that are in better alignment? Can you talk to your boss about additional projects that are better suited to your strengths?

Life is short my friends and money is not the answer to fulfillment. Do some examination and experimentation.  You won’t regret it.

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