I See You

Hey my friend.

I see you. 

Stressed to the hilt. Overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate. No clue how to get it all done.

Worried that you are ruining your relationship with your partner, kids or friends because all you do is work or worry about work.

Worried because you are starting to have health issues like I did…auto immune responses, twinges in your chest, migraines, unexplained fevers. 

Worried because you are covering up the stress with alcohol, food, or other substances. Worried because you are over shopping, over netflixing….over consuming. All of which are causing even more problems.

Worried because you can’t sleep because your brain just spins and spins trying to figure out how to solve for it all.

You are exhausted and just want to go on a vacation to forget about it for a while.

You are probably thinking that you need to change jobs or enroll in the latest time management course in order to fix it.

Vacations, changing jobs, or a new time management system are not the solution. Believe me, I’ve done them all…multiple times. They will temporarily make you feel better but the overwhelm will come along for the ride and rear its ugly head again.

You might be thinking that you are broken somehow because you can’t get this under control. 

You are not broken.

Society and your upbringing programmed a mindset for you that just isn’t working.  A mindset that there is never enough time, that laziness is a sin to be avoided at all costs, and that other people’s needs always come before your own. 

These three mindsets are the core beliefs that lead to an inefficient prioritization and scheduling system.

The good news is that you don’t have to continue to be overwhelmed, beating the crap out of yourself for not getting stuff done and exhausted. It is possible to adjust your mindset to be calm, take control of your calendar with confidence, and implement some joyful balance in your life.

I can show you how. The first step starts here.

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