No One Listens to me at Work

One of the common mindset processes that I work with my clients to optimize is their self confidence. A lack of self confidence often presents itself as the situation that “no one listens to me at work”. 

There’s a reason that no one is listening. As humans we are finely attuned to other people’s “energy”. When you are uncertain, you use words that aren’t certain like “maybe”, “possibly”, “to the best of my knowledge”, and “I guess”. You get the picture. This makes people around you think that you aren’t certain and tune you out.

As humans, we crave certainty. We are more likely to listen to someone who is absolutely certain that what they are saying is true. You will notice that I didn’t say that what they are saying is true. It’s just that they believe what they are saying is true.

Here are three simple ways to increase your self confidence at work.

  1. Come up with a thought that you can think that will make you feel certain and practice that thought before you have meetings at work. My favorite is “I will know exactly what to do and say”.
  2. Set a goal to speak up at least 3 times a week in meetings. When you have something to contribute, own it and get it out there. I’m not talking about grandstanding here but rather really contributing your ideas and opinions for the greater good.
  3. Record yourself the next time you are in a meeting and listen to it afterwards. How many times did you use words that led to uncertainty. What words can you use next time to come across as more certain?

Self confidence is about being certain that you are smart enough, good enough, enough enough and that you will have your own back no matter what. It’s a muscle that must be worked in order to get better. The lack of self confidence is a big driver for stress and unhappiness at work. Working on it can only help in all areas of your life.

If you would like help to figure out how to increase your self confidence muscle, I have a few spots open for a complimentary call. Click here to schedule.

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