Basing Decisions on What Others Think

How much time do you spend thinking about what other people think about you? Do you make decisions from this space? In other words, do you decide not to do or do something because of what you think other people will think?

Think about this. You are convinced you are a mind reader and you are making decisions based on what you think another human will do or say.  Humans are unpredictable my friend. Assumptions are mostly wrong.

If you are doing this, you are not broken. Our brains are big, beautiful prediction engines that like to predict what will happen because we crave certainty. 

I’ve watched several close friends and family members be a victim to this mindset my whole life. They were always convinced that they knew what others thought and lived their lives in such a safe way as to not invite negative opinions from anyone. They gave their power away all the time. They never let their true light shine because they were afraid.

I was taught this mindset as a child. You might have been too. It has become one of my most important reprogramming efforts. When I catch myself worrying about what others will think, I ask myself, “do I want to give my power to them?”. That is exactly what we are doing when we make decisions based on what we think other people will think.

What’s holding you back from shining your light into the world? What assumptions have you made that you haven’t questioned? Are you giving your power away?

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