Boredom as an Opportunity

What do you think about boredom? Is it something to be avoided at all costs? Do you immediately look for something productive to do to avoid being bored? As a Type A personality, this was definitely me. I remember my parents both told me repeatedly that “there’s always something that needs done, go find it” in response to my statements about being bored. I learned to think of boredom as a sin. I judged myself pretty harshly and did everything in my power to avoid feeling bored. 

Our default programming doesn’t like boredom if it is associated with unpleasantness. Our brains will throw up all kinds of urges to do something to make the unpleasantness go away. 

What if being bored can be a pleasant experience? What if that is when we can do our best thinking? What if that’s when we can calm ourselves?

Here’s what I find fascinating. When I’m bored, time goes by slowly. It’s really quite a gift. It gives me time to think, to come up with new ideas, and to purposely slow down from my urgent tendencies.  It’s basically a vehicle to cultivate and practice calm if you let it be.

Life is meant to be 50-50 my friends. If you are living your life in urgency all the time, without balancing it with some calm, you will end up burning out. Lean into your moments of boredom and use them as a vehicle for calm. Be present and enjoy the break! Stop to smell the roses.

PS: If you are a type A leader who wants to calm down and feel more fulfilled, I can help. Sign up now for a complimentary session. I will help you find a limiting belief that is holding you back. Give me 45 minutes and I’ll give you some calm.

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