Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

The words of the Foreigner song Urgent come to mind when I think of my life. I urgently lived my life for as long as I can remember. There has always been a sense of urgency in everything that I do. My relationship with time was that it was scarce and if I wanted to accomplish anything, I had to make the most of every single second. No wasting time. I treated everything in my life like it was a box to be checked off so that I could move on to the next thing. Nothing pissed me off more than someone being late or wasting my time with bullshit.

Until I got to the place where it started to affect my health. 

You might be asking how this has anything to do with health. How you think about time leads to how you feel. For me, the way I thought about time created feelings of pressure, stress, and guilt. It was a habit for me to think of time as scarce and that led to chronic stress.

That chronic stress resulted in actions that tried to alleviate the pressure in the moment, but were horrible for my health in the long term. It was a vicious habit cycle that I worked really hard on for the last year to reprogram. 

How do you think about time? Have you ever really sat and thought about it? (I assure you that this is not a waste of time…it’s quite enlightening.)

If you have thoughts like “there’s not enough time”, “this is a waste of time”, “I’m so behind” etc., you might be looking at time from a scarcity perspective.  What would happen if you started believing that you have more than enough time or that maybe this experience is meant to teach me something I need to know?

You’re allowed to do this. There’s no rule book that says we have to think about time in a particular way. You get to believe whatever you choose. That’s called free will, my friends.

Please consider this before it starts to affect your health too. It is possible to be a calm, cool and collected Type A. I can show you how.

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