The Stress Pareto

I’m sure you are familiar with the 80-20 rule, but have you ever thought of it in the context of how stressed you are feeling? It’s an interesting exercise and here are my thoughts on the subject. I would love to hear yours too!

The 80-20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, states that 80% of the result comes from 20% of the effort. Therefore, if feeling stressed is caused by what you are thinking, 20% of your thoughts are causing 80% of your feelings of stress. 

New research suggests that we have an average of 6200 thoughts per day. Following the math…20% of that is 1240. We are having over 1000 thoughts per day that are causing us to feel stressed. Wowza.

My experience is that the majority of those thoughts tie back to some limiting beliefs that we believe to be true about ourselves that are simply not accurate.

I found my stress inducing beliefs by taking pen to paper every time I felt stressed. I still do it daily to peel back the layers of my onion. 

I highly encourage you to grab a notebook and write down your answers to this every morning:

  1. What’s my goal for the day, week or month?
  2. What do I think about that goal? Don’t try to be positive Polly here. Write down what you are truly thinking.
  3. Take each thought and ask yourself why you believe that? Keep asking why….5 times. You’ll end up with the belief that may or may not serve you. You get to decide whether you want to keep it or not.

This practice has changed my life. Last year at this time, I would have said I was an 8 on a stress scale of 1-10. Now I’d say I was a 1. I can’t even explain to you how much better I feel.

If you are ready to ditch the hustle and pressure in your life, let’s talk. I help my clients unlearn their stories around time, relationships, achievement, perfection and people pleasing. You can be a totally different person six months from now.

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