Molting Your Way to Calm

Did you know that we have tens of thousands of habits that are on autopilot? These run the gambit from habitual thought patterns that we always think to habitual routines that we always do. The sum of all of these is called our self concept. Our belief of who we are…right now.

In order to become the next version of ourself, we need to create a new self-concept and therefore molt parts of the old that will not serve us.

Our default programming wants us to conserve energy and therefore embrace the comfortable. Discomfort takes more energy because you are going against your default.

It takes discomfort to molt your old self concept so that you can grow into your new one.

Lots of people want to grow but fail to take this very important concept into consideration. Growth in itself is uncomfortable and requires us to unlearn things in order to learn new things.

What self concept do you need to give up in order to feel more calm next year? Do you tell yourself that you are just anxiety prone or that you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself? 

What does a person who is feeling calm most of the time look like? What do they do? What do they think? What do you do and think that are in direct conflict with that? Those are the habits you need to molt.

Happy molting my friends. Here’s to feeling calm, confident and productive in 2021.

PS: If you are experiencing chronic stress and are looking for ways to manage it more effectively, then signing up for my free course is a great idea! 

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