Feeling Productive

Today I want to spend some time talking about productivity. I know, it’s a super exciting topic and one that you hear about all the time.  I’m not going to spend any time at all preaching at you about how to be uber productive. I want to take a new spin on the subject.

Productive is one of those topics that can be a thought, a feeling or a result.  For the purposes of this article, let’s examine it as a feeling that feels like you have produced abundant results.

Here’s the kicker. What’s abundant to you is not necessarily abundant to me.  What that means is that you get to create your definition of abundant results in order to feel productive.  Read that again. You get to define what makes you feel productive.

It’s not what everyone around you thinks is productive. It’s what you think is productive. Rest is productive, free time is productive, thinking time is productive, action is productive, fun is productive, hobbies are productive…it can be what you choose.

Given this framework, I encourage you to take some time to think about what your ideal, feeling productive day looks like. Explore what you will have to be thinking in order to feel that way. Practice that…over and over again.

For me, producing abundant results is about being intentional with every single hour of my day. Some of the thoughts I practice are “we are doing it anyway” in response to procrastination urges and “it’s ok if they don’t like me” in response to wanting to please people when they ask me to do something that will derail my planned schedule.

I intentionally leave room for fun, thinking, reading, hobbies and a host of other things. These things recharge me and allow me to get other things done much more effectively. In these scenarios, I have to practice thoughts of “I’m relaxing right now, we will worry about that when it’s time to do it” in response to my inner critic who thinks relaxing is not productive.

This line of thinking has been so liberating for me. I spent so much time judging myself against other people’s standards of productivity it wasn’t even funny. What a waste of time….ironic, yeah?

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