“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda

I loved Star Wars as a kid and still do. The quote “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” by Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back has stuck with me throughout my life.  

“I’m trying” is such a sneaky little thought. You might think that this is perfectly fine, but “trying” implies that you are not 100% committed and that you are building in the potential for failure. It’s giving yourself an out, if you will.  Basically, it’s a thought error. Notice the feeling you get when you think “I’m trying to”.

Let’s take an example. I have had the thought recently that “I’m trying to build my business”. When I really sit with that thought I feel skeptical. When I think “I’m building my business”, I feel confident. What energy is going to get me results? The latter, of course. It’s a positive feeling that will get me results in a more efficient manner.

What are you trying to do in your life? How can you eliminate the word “trying” from your vocabulary?

First, set an intention that you will remove the word “trying” from your vocabulary. Write it down every morning so that your brain knows you are going to work on it. Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain will immediately get to work bringing it to your attention when you say it.

Second, when you catch yourself saying “trying” (and you will), immediately rephrase what you just said to replace “trying” with “intending”, “aiming”, “committing to” or just removing it altogether.

Third, repeat, repeat, repeat. 

I guarantee your confidence will increase and you will accomplish all kinds of wonderful things.

PS: If you are a stressed technology professional who wants to learn how to manage your mindset around stress and anxiety so that you can be more focused and confident, I’d like to invite you to join my free Facebook group “The High Achiever’s Stress Management Collective”.

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