The Magic of Future You

Did you know that you have a magic tool inside of your brain that will literally help you achieve any result that you want to get? It’s called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it’s where all of our senses except for smell flow into the brain. It’s a traffic cop that decides what information it’s going to let in so you don’t lose your mind from all the input in the world. It basically filters stuff out unless you have directed it to pay attention to something.

You can use it to your advantage. If there’s something that you want to change, you can practice what the new outcome will be like and then your RAS will go to work letting in all the evidence and information that you need in order to get it done.

Have you ever noticed that when you are looking for a new car and you have it narrowed down to a few in a couple of color combinations, then you start seeing those cars all over the place? Or have you noticed that you can hear your name from across a crowded room?  This is the RAS at work.

This topic is a little mind bendy, but stick with me and you’ll see how it works.  This is perhaps one of the most powerful coaching tools that I’ve used on myself, and still do every day, that has gotten me the results I most wanted.

Each of us has three identities: past you, current you, and future you.  You can’t change past you, but you can change future you by thinking, feeling and doing what your ideal future you would think, feel and do. 

All you have to do is write down what ideal future you is thinking, feeling and doing and then practice thinking, feeling and doing that now. 

Paint a clear picture of who you want to be in your mind’s eye by writing it down. Handwriting helps your brain create a picture that opens up your RAS to let in the evidence and the ideas that will make it happen.

For example, my future self is physically and emotionally at the top of her game. She has a finely crafted routine every day that cultivates maximum energy. She knows that her thoughts drive her results and that she can change her results at any time by changing her thoughts. She also knows that the worst thing that can ever happen is a feeling and that she can handle any feeling there is.  She feels certain that she is exactly where she is supposed to be and that the universe has blessed her with many gifts. She maintains her weight and manages stress and anxiety like a boss. She is focused and confident.

I practice these thoughts every single day. I have them written down on note cards all over the place. I write what my future self is thinking, feeling and doing every single morning. I paint the picture for my brain to go to work to get the results I want.

It’s like magic!

You can use this tool on any result you want to get. Be less anxious? ✔️ Lose weight? ✔️ Get a promotion? ✔️ Make more money? ✔️ It will work for absolutely any result you can think up.  I would recommend that you focus on one thing at a time!

Let me know what questions you have! I’m happy to help.

PS: If you are ready to ditch the hustle and pressure in your life, let’s talk. I help my clients unlearn their stories around time, relationships, achievement, perfection and people pleasing. You can be a totally different person six months from now.

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