A Mission of Service

Veterans Day is a day that I loudly and proudly proclaim my appreciation for all my sisters and brothers who followed their servant hearts to protect my freedom.  

They gave up having their way and learned the military way. They gave up holidays at home with their families. They gave up hanging out with their hometown friends. 

For you and for me….for our freedom. The freedom we enjoy every day of the year. 

They signed up knowing full well that they might not come back….most as teenagers. Let that sink in. They knew that freedom was worth the risk.

For those of you who have been my friend for a while, you might be wondering why I chose to start a new career as a Life Coach. I’ve had a successful career in software and business consulting, but truthfully, something was missing. Through my own experience with a Life Coach, I figured out what it was. I was not filling up my “service with creativity” cup. In my younger years, my service in the US Navy was enough.

I love computers and our brain is the ultimate computer. It can be used to get whatever result we want. Getting there is nothing more than enhancing our default programming.

My mission is to help high achieving professionals enhance their programming so that they can stress less and free up their creativity to invent things that help others.  The world needs great software, products, processes and services that help make things better. 

My strengths of connecting the dots, holding non-judgemental space and being able to see your strengths are the perfect skills that allow me to help you see what is holding you back and collaborate with you to put a plan in place to enhance your default programming.

I’ve witnessed what stress and anxiety do to the creative process first hand. It sucks up your precious brain energy leaving no energy to create. I’ve seen so many creative people give up and live a life of mediocrity because they don’t think they are talented enough to create their dream. 

It has nothing to do with talent. You have the talent you need to create what you think up. You are not broken. Your brain has just learned to react this way based on the input it has received in the past. It is totally possible to put in an enhancement request to achieve better results.

If you want to enhance your programming to stress less so that you can invent things that help others, let’s talk

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