Do you Procrastinate?

Do you know why? You might think you are broken, but I’m here to tell you that procrastination is a defense mechanism that the brain uses in order to avoid pain, conserve energy, and seek pleasure.

If you are thinking that something will be hard, boring, painful, a lot of work, not very much fun then, of course, you are going to want to procrastinate. Have you noticed that you very rarely procrastinate fun?

The root of all of this is fear. You might be thinking that you don’t know how, you don’t know the right way, you don’t know all the steps, etc. This is really just the fear of looking stupid or the fear of what other’s will think about us. 

Procrastination is just a habit that we’ve all allowed over the years. Our predictive engine brains have been trained that procrastination is the appropriate response to unpleasant tasks. We have to reprogram this default action if we want to achieve more in less time. 

Here’s how I manage my procrastination urges.

  1. Acknowledge that I’m wanting to procrastinate
  2. Ask myself what I’m thinking and feeling right now about the task at hand
  3. Once I have the answer, I visualize my brain as a 3 year old having a hissy fit screaming the thought and feeling
  4. I tell her it’s ok to think and feel that way, but we’re doing it anyway
  5. I take action and eventually the inner 3 year old shuts up

Do I succeed all the time? No I do not. Am I getting better? Yes I am. I keep very close track of all my schedule “wins” and get very curious about the items that I procrastinate. It almost always comes down to “boring” for me.

What’s driving your procrastination?

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