Dreading Monday?

It’s Sunday afternoon here in West Virginia. We just returned from a week-long vacation to Key West with our friends. We had a fantastic time.

In the past, I would have immediately started dreading the return to work before we even got back. Hundreds of emails to catch up on, meetings on my calendar that I know nothing about or clients upset for some reason or another. 

It’s different for me today and I want to tell you why.  It’s not that all of that stuff won’t be there tomorrow, because it will. It’s because I’ve decided that I’m looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. I’m glad that I get to use my strengths to help my clients succeed.

Now you might not have returned from a vacation today, but are you dreading Monday?  Have you thought about why? 

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that it’s what you are thinking right now about returning to work tomorrow that is the issue. Not all the things that may or may not happen.  

So what are you thinking?  That it is going to be a shit show? That no one appreciates you? That your boss is an asshole?  What sentence is generating that feeling of dread? 

Is dread what you want to keep feeling every Sunday until you retire? If it’s not, figure out how you want to feel and then decide on a sentence that makes you feel that way.

It really is this simple my friends. Take back your power. Choose how you want to feel and stop letting external circumstances control how you feel.

Here’s to a glorious, productive Monday!

PS: Sign up for my free course on 10 Simple Ways to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout.

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