Using your To Do List as an Awareness Tool

Do you have a to do list? What feeling comes up for you when you look at it? 

If you’ve never done this exercise, I highly encourage you to do so. Write down what you are feeling and describe it. This is such valuable information and can really help you figure out what you are thinking and whether or not you want to keep thinking it.

I’ll give you an example from my own thoughts. Sometimes when I look at my to do list, I feel overwhelmed. I figured out through asking myself “why” that it’s because I’m thinking “I have too much to do”. 

Other times, I’m feeling resentful because I’m thinking that “I have to get this done and I really don’t want to”.

Do you see what both of those thoughts have in common for me? The words “I have to”. Those words make me feel various negative emotions that aren’t getting me the results I want.

Do I really have to? No I do not. I choose to. Ahhhh, that feels so much better. In control, motivated, not deprived, powerful, and confident. Changing the words “have to” to “choose to” has made a significant impact on my productivity and has freed up many hours of time. Amazing, right? One little word.

What thought is holding you back? Use your to do list as a tool to find it. Keep asking why you feel the way you do until you find it. Then choose whether you wish to toss it or keep it.

I would be honored to help you with this. Schedule a free session with me here.

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