Stop Chasing Work Life Balance

What is work life balance? You hear this term thrown around like the holy grail of all things work-related. Is it really possible to have an even, balanced, scale-like version of balance?

My answer is no. First of all, I think the word balance is a misnomer in this context. It implies that work and life should be 50-50, which is just not realistic. I think we should talk about it in terms of connection. Are we sufficiently connected to all the important facets of our lives?

Second, I think there are four important aspects of life to consider, not just one. They are: physical health, work, relationships with self and others, and spiritual life. You’ll notice that I included work in this list. Your work in the world is an essential part of your being and should not be considered as “opposed” to your life.

Prolonged disconnection from any of these areas will result in burnout, anxiety, or depression. Short term disconnection by choice is not a bad thing and is necessary to accomplish anything great.  You can always balance a four-legged stool on two legs for a short period of time.

So the next time you are feeling out of sorts, ask yourself if you have enough connection with all the aspects of your life. You are in total control of this situation and can choose the right level of connection necessary for your well-being.

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