Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

Why do we think that other people are so much more talented than we are, smarter than we are, or luckier than we are? Why are we so afraid to just be our own authentic, unique self?

It’s our brains, of course. Thousands of years ago it was a very bad thing not to be part of a group. Groups provided safety in numbers, food and shelter. The brain evolved to associate fitting in with the group to be equal to safety. Comparing and acting like other members of the group was a necessity. As we’ve discussed before, the brain does everything in its power to avoid danger.

So what’s the real danger of not fitting in these days? Cue Jeopardy music here….

An emotion. That’s it. You are in danger of feeling an emotion. It might be shame, it might be joy, it might be humiliation, it might be love, it might be grief.

I really want you to think about this. If you decide that there is no emotion that you cannot handle, then there would be absolutely no reason to be afraid of being your authentic, unique self. There would be no need to compare yourself to others with a sense of “lack”. You could genuinely just be happy for their accomplishments and perhaps just learn from them with a sense of curiosity.

If there is no actual danger in being your authentic, unique self, what would you do or be or create? Can you see how your thoughts have held you back in pursuing your true “work” in the world? Your “work” in the world IS uniquely you with your authenticity and gifts.

Misalignment of your “work” with your “job” is the number one cause of burnout and stress, my friends. Find your authentic and unique gifts…your “work”, then decide to either make your “work” your “job”, incorporate your “work” into your “job”, or have your “job” fund your “work”.

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