Self-care Before Service

I think it’s safe to say that most of us that either grew up in a veteran-based family or who actually joined the service were taught to have a heart for service. I know I was taught as a child to be of service by the examples of my veteran father and nurse mother. I also think it’s safe to say that we probably attracted others with a heart of service in our relationships and that we have not lost that service-oriented mindset.

We were taught, “Service before Self” as a way of life. Many of us have taken this quite literally and have neglected our own physical and emotional health because we never make time for our own self-care. We are showing our children that this is how they should live as well. Scary, right?

I’d like to propose a new motto; “Self-Care before Service”. Now don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not advocating selfishness or complete obsession with yourself.

What would happen if we all started making the time to manage our physical and emotional health? Can you imagine how many more people you could help if you were less stressed and had max energy? Can you imagine how much better your relationships would be if you weren’t anxious about something all the time?

It’s totally possible. I’ve turned my health completely around in the last 10 months. I have more energy than I did in my 30’s and 40’s. My creativity is at an all time high and I’m so excited to want to help others again.  

I will never neglect my health again. You shouldn’t either. Do something easy to improve your health today.

Questions are welcome!

If you don’t know what to do or where to start, I have a free PDF with 10 simple tips. Just sign up for it here:

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