Quality Compelling Reasons

Let’s talk about the C in the CAM method of Goal Setting that I have previously discussed.

Why is it important to know the compelling reasons why you want to achieve a certain result? For one thing, they will help you to keep going when the going gets hard. Writing them down and displaying them in plain sight helps the brain to focus and to search for evidence that what it sees is true.

The tricky part is that the quality of your compelling reason matters. I suggest that to get a quality, compelling reason, you want to base it on an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset. Basing it on scarcity is a judgement about your circumstances or yourself and when you judge yourself, your brain wants to immediately do something that makes you feel better like quit because it’s easy.

For example, the following two reasons have very different energy and motivation for me.

  1. I want to lose 5 pounds so that I can stop being overweight
  2. I want to lose 5 pounds so that I can continue to be healthy and energetic

When your compelling reason is based on underlying thoughts that you do not have “enough”, the result you will get will not be “enough”. Funny how that works, yeah?

Here’s an interesting exercise with which I want to challenge you. For the goal you are currently pursuing, write down 5 compelling reasons you want that goal that are already true in your life. Hint: You can use the “to continue to” format if you get stuck.

Here are my 5 reasons that are already true for wanting to lose 5 pounds:

To continue on my path of being healthy and energetic; To continue to prove to myself that I can do it; To continue to challenge myself to do hard things; To keep being a healthy example to my family and friends; To keep training my brain in the habit of accountability.

I know this is a little tricky but really pay attention to the word “enough”. It’s an indicator that you are coming from a place of scarcity. There’s more than enough of everything to go around my friends; you just have to believe it.

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