Practicing Self-Compassion

I’ve had a challenging few months in helping my mom through her illness. In challenging times, I’m convinced we learn the most about ourselves.

My sense of compassion for my mom is very high. As she is dealing with a disease that won’t get better and will eventually take her, I find myself thinking that I should be able to do more. More to help her; more in my business; more for my job; more for my family; you get the picture.

What I’ve found to be helpful in this situation is to be a watcher of my thoughts and feelings and to talk to myself as though I’m talking to a friend.

I would encourage a friend to give themselves a break and to not be so hard on themselves. I’m doing the same for myself. I’m being realistic in my planning and only planning things I know I can do with very little thought power required.

Be compassionate with yourselves my friends. Be your own best friend.

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