My Thoughts on Accountability to Self

If you’ve been following me the past several weeks, you are aware that I am on a journey of self-reflection and personal process improvement. Part of this journey is becoming more aware of my thoughts and taking ownership and accountability for my thoughts, actions, feelings, and results.

I’ve identified this key process as one that definitely needs to be optimized. Too often, my actions are automatic and I do not pause to reflect on whether I should react to my feelings or not.

Meditation has been a key component of this process optimization. Practicing mindfulness has helped me become aware of my thoughts and feelings so that I can increase the gap between them and reaction. This slowing of the roll allows my conscious brain to decide how I want to react. I’ve made progress, but I know this will be a lifelong journey.

This is how I’m pursuing the result of being the change I want to see in the world. In order to be intentional, I must decide how to act. Slowing down the process allows me to decide.

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