Strive for Uncomfortable

Have you ever tried to purposely create the feeling of uncomfortable? Are you thinking that I may have lost it? Hang in there with me and see where I am going with this.

To grow, there must be discomfort. In nature, when things grow, there is a breaking through that happens that I presume is uncomfortable. Breaking through the soil, breaking through new skin, breaking out of an egg…you get the picture.

Think about a time in your life when you grew the most. I’m certain that you were uncomfortable with whatever actions you had to do, but you did them anyway. You overrode your doubts and inner self-talk because you had a compelling reason why you wanted to grow.

You can see why so many of us don’t achieve our goals now, right? The brain wants certainty and comfort, not uncomfortable. Your brain will fight you on this and throw up every obstacle in the book.

Embrace the uncomfortable my friends. Create discomfort in your life by setting big ass goals. Tell your brain that “we’re doing this no matter what you say” and see what you can make happen in your life!

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