My Mother Should Have…

I listened to a great podcast this week that talked about redefining the relationship with your mother. The premise was that you might have a relationship with your mother where you still feel as though you are the child and are lashing out like you are one when you interact with your mother. It went through the steps to figure out what you want the relationship to be and what you need to be thinking to make that happen.

During my journaling, I’ve discovered that I was thinking that my mother should have been less controlling when I was a child. That is just a thought and that ship sailed long, long ago. I cannot change the past and thinking that my mother should have done something different is an unrealistic expectation.

The result of thinking that she should have been less controlling was me actually trying to control her during the last few years. Interesting how it always come full circle, isn’t it? I was expecting her to act like I expected her to act or how I would have acted and that’s just not realistic either. My mother and I have totally opposite personalities.

If you haven’t thought about this in the past, I recommend you do so. Once I redefined how I wanted our relationship to be, I felt like 1000 pounds was lifted from my shoulders.

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