What’s in a Name?

The journey of focusing on my most frequent emotions has led to an interesting discovery. I’ve spent a lot of time writing down the attributes of my emotions and attempting to name them.

I never really realized that I put a lot of energy into suppressing my negative emotions. This led to a whole host of less than optimal behavior. When I sat back and thought about this, I really wondered what’s so bad about my negative emotions? Will they kill me?

Of course the answer is no, they are just vibrations in the body and they don’t have to be acted upon. You can just watch them, describe them and give them a name. Naming your emotions helps you to process it and to realize it’s not that bad. It doesn’t even have to be a name that means anything. You can say that you are feeling frubby and as long as you know what that means, it will help you feel it without judgement.

There’s a whole host of literature and speculation out there about the power of naming. Did you know that you can control a dragon if you know its name? Interesting correlation, is it not? 🙂

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