Creating Determination

As I continue my journey of examining my most common emotions, I focused the last few days on why I feel so determined most of the time. I believe this helps me achieve my goals, even in the face of adversity. I know for sure that it helps me not to quit. So what am I thinking that is resulting in this feeling?

  1. “I wonder” is the way most of my thoughts start when I’m trying to figure out the solution to a problem. I believe this creates a sense of curiosity and helps me feel like I’m a scientist doing an experiment rather than being afraid of failing.
  2. “I can figure this out” is a common phrase in my habitual thinking. I know that there is a solution to every problem if I’m calm enough to think through the options and to try multiple things.
  3. “Yet” is another word that I use internally all of the time. I seriously believe that this is one of the most important words in the English language. Add it on to any internal thought where you think you can’t do something to see how powerful it really is. For example, I can’t run a marathon, yet.

Anyone is capable of ingraining these phrases or words into their thinking. You just have to focus on using them until they become a habit. Remember, the brain likes easy so figure out an easy way to build the habit.

What words do you use to create a feeling of determination?

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